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Application Requirements & Checklists

The following is required for a LAFCO change of organization application:

  1. A check for appropriate LAFCO filing fee made payable to LAFCO (see Fee Schedule)
  2. Written proof of payment of any applicable Fish and Game filing fees or a check for the amount of unpaid fees (see Fee Schedule).
  3. A check in the amount of $50, made payable to County Clerk, for environmental document processing fees.
  4. The original, one (1) paper copy, and one (1) digital copy of the complete Application/Petition packet.

    Note: All questions must be answered. If the question is not applicable, write “NA”
    All the following pages must have original signatures on the original application:

    Section 1: Notice of Intent to Circulate Petition (if applicable)
    Section 2: Indemnification Agreement
    Section 3: Applicant Financial Disclosure Form
    Section 4: Compliance with Political Expenditure and Contribution Disclosure Requirements
    Section 7: City / District Information Page
    Section 8: Chief Petitioner / Agent Signature Page
    Section 9: Landowner Petition (must have original signature for every consenting property owner in proposal territory)

  5. One (1) paper copy, and one (1) digital copy of the metes and bounds legal description.
  6. A digital list of the parcel numbers and street addresses of all properties within the boundaries of the affected territory.
  7. A digital copy and twenty (20) paper copies of the preliminary map. The map must include civil engineer’s/surveyor’s signature or stamp.
  8. The original Map and Boundary Description Approval Form (Section 10) signed by either the County Surveyor for district annexations or the City Engineer for city annexations and the County Assessor’s Mapping Department approving the legal description and map.
  9. Environmental documents (as applicable):
    Categorical Exemption:A digital copy and one (1) paper copy
    Negative Declaration/Mitigated Negative Declaration with Initial Study:A digital copy, six (6) paper copies and 10 copies on CD
    Environmental Impact Report:A digital copy, six (6) paper copies and 10 copies on CD
    Mitigation Monitoring Plan:A digital copy, six (6) paper copies and 10 copies on CD
    Notice of Determination (if applicable) filed by lead agency:A digital copy and one (1) paper copy
    Notice of Exemption (if applicable) filed by lead agency:A digital copy and one (1) paper copy
    Receipt for Environmental Fees paid to the Department of Fish & Game: A digital copy and one (1) paper copy
  10. Agency documents. A digital copy and one (1) paper copy of the following:
    • Resolution of Application (only if application is filed by city or district)
    • City/district ordinances and/or resolutions pertaining to the project
    • Additional official actions, if any, by the city or district pertaining to the project.
    • Any written reports, analyses, sentiment surveys or letters which pertain to the impacts of the project involved in the proposal.
    • City/county staff report, if applicable.
  11. Proposals involving annexation to a city must include the following additional information:
    • A plan for providing public services within the affected territory. The plan must address the following and be submitted on a separate sheet(s):
      1. Expected changes in land use
      2. An enumeration and description of services to be provided
      3. The level and range of services to be provided
      4. Actions, if any, needed to increase service level capacities to serve the affected territory and corresponding costs
      5. Any conditions which would be imposed or required within the affected territory, such as the improvement or upgrading of structures, roads, sewer and water facilities
      6. An indication of when those services can feasibly be extended to the affected territory
      7. Description of how such services and improvements will be financed.
    • For proposals which (1) are expected to lead to substantial development, (2) represent one phase of expected development, (3) require actions or conditions under “d” or “e” above, or (4) are otherwise considered to be significant, the following additional information is required:
      1. Location from which services are to be provided.
      2. Service level capacity from that location.
      3. Description of where such services will be provided within the affected territory.

      The requirement of a plan for providing services may be met by submission of data or documents such as an Environmental Impact Report and Initial Study, an Area Plan, a Specific Plan, or a Master Plan. The document(s) submitted shall provide sufficient detail to enable the Commission to determine the city’s capability to provide services in a timely and financially feasible manner.

  12. One (1) copy of school district staff report IF the proposal is for over 50 units of potential residential use unless there data is provided in an EIR.
  13. For city annexation of developed property: a digital copy and one (1) paper copy of the alphabetical list of all streets within the affected area with beginning and ending street numbers (odd and even).

    Apple Street 2301 thru 2499 (odd)
    Apple Street 2300 thru 2498 (even)

Note: Maps must include street addresses of each parcel or addresses at all boundaries on both sides of all streets and roads running through the annexation. This information is necessary and must be completely accurate as of the date of submittal of the application as it will be used to amend the 9-1-1 emergency telephone street address guide, and will be used to determine which emergency service provider will be dispatched.


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