Sonoma LAFCO Local Agency Formation Commission

Welcome to Sonoma LAFCO!

The Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) was created by State law in 1963 to regulate the boundaries of cities and special districts. There is a LAFCO in each of the 58 counties of California. Each LAFCO is an independent public agency. The objectives of LAFCO are:

  • To encourage the orderly formation of local government agencies and promote the efficient provision of public services
  • To preserve agricultural land and open-space resources
  • To promote orderly growth and discourage urban sprawl

As a public agency, LAFCO discusses and acts upon its business monthly in open public meetings.

We welcome your interest and participation in the important matters under study and consideration by LAFCO.

Sonoma LAFCO
111 Santa Rosa Ave Suite 240, Santa Rosa, CA 95404
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
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