Sonoma LAFCO Local Agency Formation Commission

About The Commission

The Commission is comprised of seven regular members and four alternate members. The regular members are:

  • Two members elected by the City Selection Committee of the Mayors and Councilmembers’ Association from among the nine cities’ mayors and councilmembers,
  • Two members appointed by the Chair of the County Board of Supervisors from among their membership,
  • Two members elected by the Independent Special Districts from among the members of the boards of directors of the districts, and
  • One member appointed by the Commission from the public. The public member and alternate public member cannot be a current officer or employee of the County of Sonoma or of any city or special district located in Sonoma County

For each category of regular members (city, county, special district, and public) there is one alternate. Alternate members may attend and participate in LAFCO meetings but may vote only when a regular member from the category they represent is absent or chooses not to vote.

Each member serves a four-year term. A listing of Past Commission Members is available.

The procedure for filling positions on the Commission is stated in the Sonoma LAFCO Policies, Procedures and Guidelines.

Current Commission Members

City Members
Name City Role Date Elected Term End
Teresa Barrett City of Petaluma Regular May 2009 May 2021
Pam Stafford City of Rohnert Park Regular May 2010 May 2022
Mark Landman City of Cotati Alternate May 2011 May 2019

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County Members
Name Role Date Appointed Term End
Lynda Hopkins Regular January 2017 December 2018
Susan Gorin Regular January 2017 December 2018
James Gore Alternate January 2017 December 2018

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Independent Special District Members
Name District Role Date Elected Term End
Rich Holmer Sweet Water Springs Water District Regular September 2016 May 2022
Ernie Loveless Schell Vista Fire Protection District Regular May 2016 May 2020
Rodney Moore Bodega Bay Utility District Alternate January 2017 May 2020

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Public Members
Name Role Date Appointed Term End
Jean Kapolchok Regular May 2010 May 2018
Steve Herzberg Alternate February 2014 May 2022

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