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Cities & Districts

A Municipal Service Review (MSR) is a comprehensive study to determine the adequacy of governmental services being provided by the local agencies under LAFCO jurisdiction (Government Code Section 56430). These studies may be used by LAFCO, other governmental agencies, and the public to better understand and improve provision of services and to identify opportunities for greater cooperation between service providers.

Sonoma LAFCO is responsible for establishing, amending, and updating spheres of influence for all cities and special districts within Sonoma County. A Sphere of Influence is defined as the probable physical boundary and service area of a local agency. Territory must be within a city or district’s sphere of influence to be considered for annexation to that city or district.

Guide to Special Districts (PDF: 1.7 MB)

The purpose of this guide is to provide an overview of the more than 50 independent and dependent special districts under the jurisdiction of the Sonoma Local Agency Formation Commission (“Sonoma LAFCO” or “the Commission”).