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Agencies subject to LAFCO Jurisdiction

At the June meeting of each odd-numbered calendar year, the Commission shall elect its officers, who shall be a Chair, a Vice Chair, and a Chair Pro Tem. The Chair, Vice Chair, and Chair Pro Tem shall not be members of the same appointing authority (county, city, special district, public).

  1. The term of the Chair, Vice Chair, and Chair Pro Tem shall be two years.
  2. Should the Chair, Vice Chair, or Chair Pro Tem cease to be a member of the Commission, the Commission shall elect a successor to fill the unexpired term of the position at the next regular Commission meeting following the occurrence of the vacancy.
  3. The Chair shall preside at Commission meetings and shall conduct the business of the Commission in the manner prescribed by these rules. If the Chair is not present, the Vice Chair shall preside at the meeting. If neither the Chair nor Vice Chair is present, the Chair Pro Tem will preside. If none of the Officers is present, the Executive Officer will preside until a Chair is elected, from those Commissioners present, to act as Chair for the meeting. The Chair shall preserve order and decorum and shall decide questions of order subject to action of a majority of the Commission. The Chair shall be permitted to participate in debate without surrender of the chair.
  4. The Chair has the authority to act outside a meeting, in consultation with the Executive Officer, on procedural and administrative matters that cannot reasonably be deferred to the next Commission meeting.
  5. The Chair has authority to recommend members to standing subcommittees of the Commission and special-purpose subcommittees not named in these rules.