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Public Disclosures

Ethics Training

The California Government Code requires that all legislative body or local agency officials receiving compensation, salary, stipends or reimbursement for expenses receive ethics training as specified in Government Code section 53234-53235.2. Commission Counsel has determined that Commissioners are not included in these provisions and are not required to complete such training. However, a Commissioner who serves on a legislative body or local agency that does require ethics training should provide a copy of the certificate of training to Commission staff upon completion of the training.

Financial Disclosures

  1. Pursuant to Government Code Section 84308, regular members and alternate members are prohibited from accepting campaign contributions of $250 or more from any person wishing to participate in proceedings by actively supporting or opposing an application that will come before the Commission. This prohibition begins 12 months preceding the date on which an application is before the Commission and continues until three months after a final decision is rendered by the Commission. Any regular member or alternate member who has accepted such a contribution must disqualify himself or herself from the decision in the proceeding unless the regular member or alternate member returns that campaign contribution within 30 days of learning about the contribution and the fact that his or her contributor is a participant in the proceedings.
  2. Pursuant to Government Code Sections 56700.1, 57009, and 81000 et seq., any direct or indirect expenditures made for political purposes related to a proposal for a change of organization or reorganization that will be submitted to the Commission or for proceedings for a change of organization or reorganization that will be conducted by the Commission and contributions of $1,000 or more in support of or in opposition to that proposal and/or that proceeding must comply with reporting and disclosure requirements of the California Political Reform Act of 1974, to the same extent and subject to the same requirements in that law as provided for local initiative measures.