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Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you have a basic understanding of special districts, you may have some specific questions you'd like answered. Here are nine of the most frequently asked questions.

For more detailed information about the number and types of special districts around the state, you may contact the Office of the State Controller at (916) 445-3028. Every year the Controller's Office publishes a Special Districts Annual Report. You can find copies of these reports in many major public libraries.

What are Special Districts?

How do I find out if I live in a special district?

How can I form a special district?

Who picks my district's governing board?

How can I find out who runs a special district?

Can special districts tax me without my consent?

But what about special assessments? Aren't they like special taxes?

Suppose I don't like what a special district is doing. What can I do?

Why are special districts so invisible to the public?

Where can I get more information about special districts in my area?

References for Questions