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City of Sonoma Municipal Services Review

The Commission has published a “Public Review Draft” of a Municipal Services Review for the City of Sonoma. The report evaluates the City across a half-dozen areas, including governance, financial capability, and the provision of services. The report does not make any recommendations regarding amending the sphere of influence of the City.

The Commission will consider adopting the determinations of a report that examines the efficiency and effectiveness of municipal services provided by the City of Sonoma. at its June 1st, 2022 meeting.

Copies of all documents relating to the actions may be reviewed at the Sonoma Local Agency Formation Commission office, 111 Santa Rosa Avenue, Suite 240, Santa Rosa, California, 95404

City of Sonoma Municipal Services Review Public Review Draft - April 2022

City of Sonoma Municipal Services Review Final Draft - Septemeber 2022