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Sonoma County Fire District and West County Fire Agency Sphere of Influence Amendment

The Sonoma County Fire District has requested that LAFCO amend its sphere of influence to enable reorganization proposals for three west county fire agencies (the Russian River, Forestville, and Bodega Bay Fire Protection Districts).

Staff has competed a Sphere of Influence Study, and is recommending that the Commission consider a broader sphere of influence amendment, adding two additional districts, territory served by four Volunteer Fire Companies, and three Incident Response Plan areas to Sonoma County FD’s  sphere. The broader sphere of influence is supported primarily by operational needs and alignment with the advanced life support/ambulance coverage areas of Bodega Bay and Russian River FPDs, according to the staff analysis.

Regardless of the disposition of the sphere of influence amendments, Sonoma County FD has noted its intent to pursue reorganizations involving only one or more of the three agencies noted in its original request in the near term (early 2020).