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County Service Area 40 (Fire Services) Municipal Service Review and Sphere of Influence Study

Through a series of reorganizations in recent years, several areas previously within County Service Area 40 (Fire Services) (CSA 40) have been annexed to independent fire protection districts. This dependent district of the County of Sonoma has traditionally supported volunteer fire companies (and other regions that are not served by cities or independent special districts) for the provision of fire protection and emergency medical services. The County has long signaled its intention to eventually dissolve CSA 40 by finding partner agencies willing to take on additional territories. 

The County is working to reorganize the remaining western and southern territory within CSA 40 with neighboring district partners.  Upon request from the County, Sonoma LAFCO prepared two Municipal Service Reviews (MSRs) of CSA 40 as the first step to reorganization. In order to annex CSA 40 territory into an independent district, that district's Sphere of Influence (SOI) must first be amended to include the territory to be annexed. In order to amend a SOI for a district, LAFCO must complete a MSR that conforms to requirements listed in the Cortese-Knox-Hertzberg Act.

The purpose of a MSR is to evaluate whether local agencies are providing services in an effective and efficient manner, and to determine if there are opportunities for providing services through other arrangements. The Cortese-Knox-Hertzberg Act delineates the categories of evaluation that must be included in an MSR.

The MSRs are available at the following links:
West County Fire and Emergency Service Agencies
South County Territory of CSA 40 (Fire Services) 

The Commission adopted these MSRs on September 4, 2019, and March 1, 2023, respectively. The staff reports and attachments are available for review at:

Upon request from the County and the Gold Ridge Fire Protection District, Sonoma LAFCO prepared a Sphere of Influence Review and Amendment Study of CSA 40, supported by the adopted MSRs. 

The study presents and analyzes a series of options for amendments to the CSA 40 SOI. Amendments to the SOI would enable proposals to reorganize parts of the CSA 40 territory in the form of annexations by independent special districts.

A copy of the report may be viewed at the following link:
County Service Area 40 Sphere of Influence Study

At its April 5th, 2023, meeting, after consideration of the determinations and options evaluated in the report, the Commission amended the CSA 40 SOI by removing all of the parcels included within the territory currently served by the Fort Ross, Camp Meeker, Bodega, Valley Ford, Bloomfield, Two Rock, Wilmar, San Antonio and Lakeville Volunteer Fire Departments and IRP 81 and adding these parcels to the Gold Ridge Fire Protection District SOI.

The staff reports and attachments for this action are available for review at:

By amending the SOI of the Gold Ridge Fire Protection District, the District was able to seek a reorganization involving all of the territory. Information on the reorganization can be found at the following link:

Gold Ridge Fire Protection District Reorganization