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Roseland Fire Dissolution

The board of directors of the Roseland Fire Protection District initiated dissolution of the District because the board determined that, after the annexation of the Roseland Area to the City of Santa Rosa in 2017, the District did not have the operational or financial capability to efficiently or effectively serve the only two areas outside the City that remained in the District.

At its meeting on February 6, 2019, the Sonoma Local Agency Formation Commission approved the dissolution of the District and annexation of the two remaining areas to the Rincon Valley Fire Protection District whose boundary is adjacent. The annexation of this territory was approved as part of a larger change that involves formation of a single fire district in the central portion of the County. The Sonoma County Fire District, as proposed, would provide fire protection and emergency services to territory currently in the Windsor, Bennett Valley, and Rincon Valley Fire Protection Districts, and portions of County Service Area No. 40 (Fire Services). The remaining areas of the Roseland Fire Protection District would be included.

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