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Notice of Public Hearing Northeast Santa Rosa Reorganization No. 22-01 Including Annexation to the City of Santa Rosa and Detachment from CSA 41 (Multi-Services) and the Sonoma County Fire District

Published: January 11, 2023



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Sonoma Local Agency Formation Commission (Commission) will conduct a public hearing at or after 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 1, 2023, in the Sonoma County Administration Building, 575 Administration Drive, Room 102A, Santa Rosa, California, at which time all interested persons may be heard on the following item:

 2022-10 Northeast Santa Rosa Reorganization No. 22-01 Including Annexation to the City of Santa Rosa and Detachment from CSA 41 (Multi-Services) and the Sonoma County Fire District.  

 The application was initiated by petition of Nils Welin & Klas Berghede, owners of APN 182-050-004. The affected territory consists of three parcels totaling approximately four acres, generally located north of Montecito Blvd, south of Lyric Lane, west of Bridgewood Drive on the eastern side of Brush Creek Road (APNs 182-050-004, -005 and -014).

The reason for the proposal is to obtain services from the City of Santa Rosa to allow for the subdivision and development of APN 182-050-004 into four new lots and one remainder lot containing the existing single-family residence. The remainder lot will use Brush Creek Road as the primary access and the new lots will be accessed through Lyric Lane. The remaining affected territory is not subject to development currently.

 At the hearing, the Commission will hear any relevant oral or written testimony and evidence presented or filed concerning the proposal. The Commission will consider the report of the Executive Officer, the plan for providing services, and the environmental determination for the proposal. 

Unless written opposition is received from landowners or registered voters within the affected territory before the conclusion of the Commission proceedings on the proposal, should the proposal be approved, the Commission may waive protest proceedings. There is potential for extension or continuation of any previously authorized charge, fee, assessment, or tax by the City of Santa Rosa in the affected territory.

Copies of all documents relating to the application may be reviewed at the Commission office. If you cannot attend the public hearing described in this notice, you may submit written comments on the application prior to the hearing. Please direct comments, questions, and requests to review documents to Commission, 111 Santa Rosa Avenue, Suite 240, Santa Rosa, California, 95404 or contact the office at (707) 565-2577.


 If you challenge the actions of the Commission on the proposal in court, you may be limited to raising only those issues raised at the public hearing described in this notice or in written correspondence delivered to Commission at, or prior to, the hearing.

 By: Mark Bramfitt, Executive Officer

Date: January 5, 2023