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County Service Area 40 Sphere of Influence Study

LAFCO has prepared a study, supported by previously-adopted Municipal Service Reviews, of a significant portion of County Service Area 40 – Fire Services. This dependent district of the County has traditionally supported volunteer fire companies (and other regions that are not served by cities or independent special districts) for the provision of fire protection and emergency medical services.

The study presents and analyzes a series of options for amendments to the District’s sphere of influence. Amendments to the sphere would enable proposals to reorganize parts of the CSA 40 territory, in the form of annexations by independent special districts.

The Commission will consider adopting the determinations made in the study, and will also consider the sphere of influence options evaluated in the report, at its April 5th, 2023 meeting.

A copy of the report may be viewed at the following link:

County Service Area 40 Sphere of Influence Study